Experience Digestive Cleanse

Relief From Bloating And Constipation

"If the digestive tract (including the colon) cannot function efficiently, absorb the necessary nutrients, and eliminate the waste effectively, weight gain and the other problems can occur. Stop masking the symptoms and deal with the problem at its source. After more than 23 years of clinical practice, Experience digestive cleanse is the only product I recommend that helps deal with the problem."

Dr. Joel
Robbins, M.D.

Experience digestive cleanse helps the body to cleanse and regulate itself to help with the digestive process. Experience digestive cleanse is key in relieving stomach bloating and constipation. A healthy colon is the key to better metabolism, nutrient absorption, regularity, and is essential to successful weight management. This 100-year-old Mediterranean recipe is a 100% natural vegetarian blend that is safe, non-habit-forming, and delivers clinically proven results. Experience digestive cleanse helps relieve constipation and stomach bloating.

Of the many health challenges that North Americans face, problems with the digestive system are among the most dangerous. Problems with the large intestine, more commonly known as the colon, are at the top of the list. According to the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, "MORE THAN 65 DIFFERENT HEALTH CHALLENGES ARE CAUSED BY A TOXIC COLON." An unhealthy colon can lead to stomach bloating and abdominal bloating.

Why Laxatives are Harmful
Laxatives are for stimulation of the bowel and for excreting more mucous material. They do no correct the problem - they make it worse. They do not solve stomach bloating. Laxatives irritate the colon to make it expel debris from the bowel. Laxatives can be deadly - they are not only habit-forming, they are destructive to the sensitive membranes of the intestines.

The Dangers of Colon Cleansers and Bulk Forming Products
Many products which work by forming bulk in the bowel are as ineffective in the long run as laxatives. They function by creating pressure in the large intestine which then pushes waste matter out of the rectum. The "fiber" in products such as these is practically useless. These products will never strengthen your bowel or teach it to function properly. "Fiber" products which increase the bulk of the stool are indigestible - all they do is make your stool softer. They can actually increase stomach bloating.

The Natural, Proven Solution
Experience™ is not a laxative - it is a digestive cleanse - a natural herbal supplement for stomach bloating and abdominal bloating. According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, the digestive system can hold only 2-3 meals at one time. If you're eating 2-3 meals a day, you should be eliminating at least that often. A clinical study has proven that Experience™ improves proper bowel function. The bowel regains normal function, and is able to expel toxins from the body. Being regular will eliminate stomach bloating.

The most common way to deal with stomach bloating and abdominal bloating is to use antacids. The term "antacid" is used to describe certain compounds that directly neutralize stomach acid. Antacid means counteracting or neutralizing acidity, especially of the stomach. Experience is an herbal way to ease stomach bloating and keep you regular. Stomach bloating can be caused by improper eating habits.

There can be many side effects to using antacids. Here are just a few: Constipation (mild); diarrhea or laxative effect; increased thirst; speckling or whitish discoloration of stools; stomach cramps. Antacids cannot be mixed with MANY medications. Antacids are just a temporary fix for stomach bloating and abdominal bloating. They are not a cure for stomach bloating. Experience can help relieve stomach bloating in just 24 hours.


Experience digestive cleanse contains a proprietary blend of :psyllium seed husk (Plantago ovata Forsk.),
King Solomon seed (Polygonatum multiflorum (Walt.) Ell.),
rhubarb root (Rheum officinale Baill.),
fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.),
cornsilk (Zea mays L.)
kelp (Fucus vesiculosu L.) (entire plant).

Cornsilk Zea mays (Gramineae)

Cornsilk has long been known as a healing plant for urinary mucous membranes and as a cleansing diuretic. Cornsilk tea has a soothing effect on kidney, bladder and urinary.

Fennel Foeniculum vulgare (Umbelliferae)

Fennel has its roots in history. As one of the oldest cultivated plants, Fennel was much valued by the Romans. The Roman warriors took fennel to keep in good health, while the Roman ladies ate it to retain their girlish figures. As far back as 812 a.d., Charlemagne declared that fennel was essential in every imperial garden. Today, the list of benefits of fennel continues to grow. It is used as a way to take away the appetite as well as a sedative for small children. Fennel improved digestion and is helpful with coughs


Best known as seaweed, Kelp is used to strengthen and promote the glands. Kelp has a controlling effect on the thyroid gland, and regulates metabolism. Containing over 30 minerals and vitamins, Kelp is a sustainer to the nervous system and the brain. Additionally, kelp is of tremendous benefit for a pregnant mother-to-be and the developing child.

King Solomon's Seed Polygonatum multiflorum

King Solomon's Seed is more commonly known as Common Solomon's Seal. This rarely studied herb has been used by herbalist for a variety of ailments including, tuberculosis, diabetes and wasting diseases. It is also used for piles, tumors, women's disorders and kidney problems.

Psyllium Seed Plantago ovata forsk.

For centuries, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic physicians have used psyllium to treat diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, and urinary problems. The ground-up seeds, rich in fiber, make a safe, gentle, bulk-forming laxative and are the active ingredient in many commercial laxative products.

Rhubarb Root Rheum palmatum

Rhubarb originated in China, where it was known as da huang, meaning "Big Yellow" almost 2,000 years ago. Its use spread throughout India, arriving in Europe just in time for the Renaissance. Rhubarb became a favorite for cooking and eating among citizens, and a favorite remedy with early Persian and Arabian physicians. Rhubarb is still a favorite among both citizens and physicians. Rhubarb pie is an American classic. While physicians in both the east and the west recognize the root's purgative,and liver cleanser properties. When combined with mint or fennel, rhubarb is also helpful in relieving cramping.

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